Boysville of Michigan Made by bruce warman and ammad hassan

This is Boysville of Michigan. Boysville is an orphanage that helps out kids in need and families. The kids can grow into mature adults from the help of Boysville. Many years ago there was a story that had created this orphanage. Once there was a man who was murdered just for his pay check. He had 4 kids and a wife who had no one to go to or any money. and at the time women did not work. So after this they were thinking what if they create an orphanage called Boysville and help out others at the same time as being helped out. So they did it they planned to make an orphanage called Boysville. This orphanage became well known around the community. After a while it became a chain and there were Boysville orphanages all around Michigan.

We can all help this organization out by donating things to these children in need. We should donate money, children's books and eddible food for these children because they do not have parents nor homes.


Created with images by The Wu's Photo Land - "siping orphanage 4/21/12" • The Wu's Photo Land - "orphanage" • Tracy Hunter - "Orphanage"

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