Maori Culture BY BENJAMIN

1. What is a hangi? what do they do?

A Hangi is a traditional thing that maori people do on special occasions. So what they basically do is wrap their food in flax leaves which is basically taro leaves, it is just like the Samoan umu. The food is put in individual containers and covered with lids before being cooked. The baskets are put into very hot stones for the food to cook. They place more leaves to cover it and then when it is cooked they take out the food and let it cool down for about 3-4 hours. it depends how much amount of food you put it.

2.What do Maori people wear? what does the clothes represent?

Traditional Maori people wear Garments, Shoulder Garments and many other Garments. The Maori use plants, feathers and animal fur to make their clothing, even hairstyle even mattered back then to make a good status to make them a good man. Traditional Maori Garments were used to protect and even show the persons status. Jewellery was made out of stone or bone, sometimes out of a birds tails. Prestige cloaks were only worn by cheifs. they usually made out of the same things, Bird feather, Kuri skin and hair and Kaitaka. Kaitaka mean that it is made out of muka (flax fibre). This is a picture of the Kaitaka.

3. What do maori believe in? What rituals do they do? what are their traditions?

The islanders travelled from island to island looking for a home to settle. over a period of 500 years, so many canoes were brought into the island of aotearoa also known as The land of the long white cloud. The Maori believe in gods which represented Sky, Forest, Earth, and the forces of nature. They also believe in that there ancestors or their spirits could help them in a time of need in war. Maori. There are 4 or more traditions that the maori believe in. The first one is the Hongi and Moko. Hongi is a greeting to all where you rub or press your noses as a sign of kiss on the cheek.

4.What does the haka stand for or represent?

A haka is a ceremony as a dance to intimidate or make them scared or simply just tell them to back off. Haka's are performed in many different occasions like in a wedding, birthday party and even at a funeral. Here is a video of a haka The haka is mostly performed before a match or after they have won, for example rugby, they perform it before the match begins. The haka is performed by groups.

Haka by a Maori

5. Why do Maori wear tattoo? what does it mean?

The meaning of Maori tattoo also meaning ta moko. Ta moko was like a history. The tattoo means the persons achievement and what they have done to serve there country and to represent there status in their tribe. The ta moko was worn by women and men, for men, it was around the whole face and for women, it was the lip or chin. Women put tattoos or symbols on there shoulders to say that someone had died or was really close to them. If you have a tattoo on the right side of your face then that will mean your mothers history and the other side was your fathers.

Example of a tattoo

6. What do Maoris celebrate?

Tribe or iwi celebrate a lot of things, one of the starting celebrations is when Matariki. Matariki is also called cluster of the stars. It arrives in mid-winter or late may or june, however it is the first moon after Matariki offically signals that it is the sign of Maori New Year. People celebrate a day after the new moon and other celebrate on the exact day. Matariki was celebrated by gathering a lot of your family and doing activities and have a hangi. It is a day that you remember your ancestors and what they have done for you. They made offerings to the gods who gave good crops and new trees to say that it was a new beginning. The maori celebrate it by singing songs, dance and many more. These celebrations can last up to 3 days.




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