Wolf By: Allison Nelson

Do you know what wolves look like? Wolves have shades of black and gray. Male wolves can grow up to be six feet tall. females can be up to about five feet tall. some wolves weight can be up to 100 pounds. most wolves have bushy tails and some have padded feet. wolves family members are dogs, foxes, and jackals.

Wolves eat lots of stuff like Deer, mountain sheep, reindeer, Zebra, moose, elk, buffalo, sheep, and caribou. if they can not find that stuff then they will eat rabbits, birds, and even mice. wolves hunt in groups or they can hunt by themselves.

Wolves can be found in many ecosystems Wolves are found in the Taiga forest in China, Europe, Asia, North Africa, and sometimes the Rainforest. Some love the swamps and coastal prairies. Most Wolves live in dens, caves or they travel and they just sleep in the grass.

A wolves enemies are Lynx, Mountain lions, lions and wolverines. Wolves use their sharp claws and teeth to catch their prey. They also use there claws and there teeth to attack their enemies. Another cool fact is that Wolves also use their fur and puff up to look bigger to scare off their enemies.

Some Fun Facts about wolves are the scientific name for a gray wolf is a “Canis Lupus” and a red wolf is called a “Canis rufus”. Each wolf needs to eat about 1.1 kilograms (2..5 pounds) of meat a day to stay healthy and active. A wolf's hearing is so good it can hear a mouse under a thick layer of snow.

The gray wolf is the largest wild dog.. Arctic Wolves generally are smaller than Grey Wolves, measuring around 3 to 6 feet (0.9 to 1.8 metres) long including the tail. Male Arctic Wolves are larger than female Arctic Wolves. Their shoulder heights vary from 25 to 31 inches (63 to 79 centimetres).


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