6 Component Project By:Ella heizer-Nowaczyk

Art: Even though there are many different styles of art in Greece a few main ones include different types of stories like fables and poems called epics, sculptures, Greek drama, and architecture. Fables were popular to the Greeks because they provided stories about talking and many about different gods and goddesses. Epics were another type of story also known as poems. Many famous sculptures and architecture were both made out of strong material almost like a mixture of clay and stone. Lastly, Greek drama was used mostly to entertain people at a type of theater, the same way we use it today. Art made many impacts on the Greeks because each of these were used for entertainment and most Greeks would focus on the flawless people the sculptures were of. The Greeks spread knowledge to the people of Asia and Africa. When Alexander the Great became leader he lead his troops into sharing many different ideas to many different places.

Geography: Most of the land forms in Greece are made up of mountains, islands, and oceans that boarder the south, west, and east sides of Greece. many of the islands create a pattern of what looks like stepping stones all the way to Asia. Since Greece was a peninsula many of the Greeks were able to make a good living out of becoming fishers, sailors, along with being traders. Others would settle on mountains to become farmers. because of the rocky soil it made it hard for many different reasons to grow crops. There was still a mild weather which was able to help out with much of the work that needed to be done. Athens was formed on the ledge of the peninsula mostly for the great water source that was held right next to the city. Many of the citizens made a great living off of trading and many more.

Religion: Many religious beliefs fell upon the Greeks through out their lives including many myths about gods and goddesses, oracles or a prophecy . Almost all Greeks believed that the different types of gods and goddesses affected every part of their lives and created certain events for a reason. Oracles and prophecy's were read by priestesses who were known for speaking for the gods and goddesses. As a result to their beliefs many of the Greeks would follow a set of actions which was thought to be made for them. Because of this action people give respect by praying to each god at night and giving them all gifts. The oracles would cause many people to travel from many different places just to be able to ask if they should do a certain task.

Class Divisions: The Greeks didn't have class divisions instead they had values like us such as they treated each other with the same respect. The main reason why there were no class divisions was because all Greeks wanted equal respect through each city-state. A citizen was able to have equal rights and do many things that many leaders were able to do. However just like Mesopotamia and Egypt, only males were aloud to have equal rights such as voting while many females, adult and children, did not have any. Greece was much more of a democracy than an oligarchy like Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Writing Systems: The Greek alphabet made life much easier for the Greeks to communicate and pass down many many stories from one person to another. The alphabet had 24 letters that stood for many different sounds. English: Chicken pot pie Greek:Κοτόπουλο κατσαρόλα πίτα

Organized Government: Democracy: Advantages: everyone got their own say in a discussion: Disadvantages: Most things would get very out of hand. Representative Democracy: Advantages: Its easier to make hard decisions: disadvantages: Most people would be left out. Tyranny: advantages: Many people would enjoy the cruelness: disadvantages: Many would despise the cruel rules. Oligarchy: advantages: Many people would enjoy the chooses made upon the group of people: disadvantages: People would feel that they could have made the wrong discussion.


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