Portrait By: Kaley abbott

The portrait shows the outside activity of cars rolling by and these girls being relaxed. The again the portrait is focused on the two girls.
The picture is a factor of rule of thirds but it also is away from the wall. The portrait is focused on loyal even though there are kids in the background.
The pictures are a comparison of with flash and without flash. Quality takes place for a bigger and clearer picture.
The portrait shows Lloyal in his natural environment. He is in the action of playing with the ball.
The light is focused on her face. The background is blurred out and her face is lightened up. She is using the natural light for her portrait.
The portrait focuses on the style as which the man is standing. He is against the wall but not just any natural pose against the wall.
This portrait was a choice of mine because she is the center of attention. There is nothing else in the photo you would focus on.
The last two photos were my choice as well. I like using a natural environment so that they are comfortable. I also like using the rule of thirds. He shows that he is a natural blue-jay.


Created with images by cuncon - "camera dslr photo"

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