The pot is used to put other food and drinks in. Then, they surround the pot with lots and lots of coal so that they could warm up the things in the pot. Just like me have the stove today while being in a world more technologically advanced than the world before. Just like you put the pans directly above the fire today, the Powahatans used coals and pots.

This outdoor exhibit shows a man shooting a musket. The musket was very important back then because it was a defense that was both very useful and intimidating. One shot could easily blast off a body part or simply kill someone.

This is a picture of Peyton Randolph's house. As a free man and a person with a mom as an indentured servant and dad as a slave, my social status was not that high but not as high as the Randolph's. Even though I was a free man, I had to buy my family out of slavery and died when my 3rd child was about to be born.

This was a room where Mrs.Randolph worked. This was very convenient because you could here other people talking and open the windows while relaxing.

This was a very luxurious sleeping place with expensive beds and stylish curtains. This was a very luxurious bedroom which is not even close to our wealth.

This is the Randolph's dinner table. The schedule is that the first 20 minutes are for actually eating but for the last 1 hour 40 minutes just socialize and talk.

This is the medicine store or what is now called the doctors office. This is much more old-fashioned than present day and is run a lot more differently.

These were the ingredients to make the medicine. The pharmacist could mix and make different types of medicines and heal people. This is organized this way so that the pharmacist could easily create different types of medicines.

These were very expensive glasses where the medicine was placed and was stored. However, to be a doctor, a person has to attend a school for 12 years with 2 years studying latin.

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