6 Extinct Animals, and Facts About Their Adaptations, Nature, and Extinction Dates, Similarities, and differences.

The Daeodon (Giant Pig)

Phorusrhacidae (Terror birds)

Deinosuchus (Biggest ever crocodile that could eat a t-rex)

Megalania (Biggest Ever Lizard)

Titanoboa (Biggest ever Snake)

Megalodon (60 ft shark that would feed off of whales)

(Enumeration) All the animals above were extremely dangerous. Fortunately, all the animals are extinct now. But that doesn't mean they're not unique. All these animals lived over 50000-2000000 years ago. The were extremely unique and exotic. They all had qualities that by far, separated them from the rest.

(Problem and Solution) The Titanoboa caused many problems in those 2 million years ago. The monster snake would consume anything it could. It would even eat large alligators (Not the deinosuchus.) But this snake's large appetite caused population decrease. But that meteor hit earth, and the entire species was wiped out. This made reproduction much faster in those ancient times. Populations got back on their feet.

(Sequence) Many animals lived and died in similar time periods. Animals like the terror birds or Titanoboa lived during the cretaceous period (When that giant meteor hit earth 2 million years ago). While some died out in later years. The Megalania went extinct only 50000 years ago. Some extinct animals went out sooner. The Megalodon disappeared about 23 million years ago! Lucky us, we live in this era with no animals as dangerous as them!

Now some of the extinct animals have similarities. The dinohyus and Megalania definitely did not get food from being stealthy. They also lived on lands humans had not yet inhabited.

Now these animals have differences too. They both lived in totally different time periods. They lived millions of years apart. They lived across the world from each other too.

Animals like the Dinohyus (Right), the Megalodon (Middle), and the Titanoboa (Left) are animals that need to stay extinct. These animals became extinct in many different ways. For animals like the Megalodon, The oceans cooled, and they died out. And for others like the dinohyus, died from a drought. All these animals died out for different reasons, and we should be happy about it.

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