The Divine at the Constans Theatreg By Brian Lague

The Divine was a play I attended at the Constans theatre. It is a play for Sarah Bernhardt and takes place in the early 20th century: 1905 to be exact. The play was put on by the school of theatre and dance at the University of Florida.

When entering the auditorium, it was quite large. I sat directly in the middle and thought that it was a great seat because I didn't have to strain my neck looking up or down, nor left and right. It took quite a while for the performance to begin but when the lights dimmed and the snow started falling there was a slight eeriness that came over the audience waiting to see what we came here to watch. I believe finding that perfect seat is ideal to find in your own life so that you don't have constant stress on yourself to try to attain a different position or place where you think you belong.

I attended the play with my friend Ricky and am very glad that I had a friend to go with. We didn't do much to get ready for the performance except find our jackets because we realised it would be chilly that evening. After the play it was very cold and I'm glad we had our jackets. Another benefit of bringing my friend was we later talked about what we liked and disliked about the play and found out how our opinions differed. Sharing experiences with others is very important to the good life so you can look back and share the "good times" with others.

The cultural experience of the play was very interesting as it brought light on the issues of child labour laws back in the early 20th century. It also did a great job of demonstrating the clash of religion versus the theatre. I was not aware of this battle before the play but it brought an interesting new piece of history that I could research into my life.

The play, The Divine, provides a perfect example of katharsis for us, the audience. Through out the play, everybody has secrets and deciets. However, as the play goes on they can no longer keep these secrets and they must be revealed. A great example of this "coming clean" is the boss of the shoe factory and his poor working conditions. One of the children gets decapitated and the head gets lost in the machines but in the end it gets found.

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