What is a Volcano?

Volcanoes are openings in the Earths surface.Some volcanoes look similar to mountians others are low and flat.When ever a volcano erupts it brings lava,rocks,hot gas and ash into the air around us.Volcanoes are very dangerous.They are so dangerous they even form earthquakes and landslides.Now that's pretty dangerous!Many people die in volcano eruptions.Volcanoes can also be responsible for alot of damage.You should be glad that we have no volcanoes in North Dakota.

This volcano is in the middle of an eruption

How Is It Formed?

Pressure builds up deep inside Earth.Magma is forced up to the surface.The magma that makes it to the surface is no longer magma.It is lava.Then the lava runs down the volcano and then it could create a landslide or earthquake.

How Long Does It Last?

Some volcanoes eruptions last over night some last for hours but I've heard that one eruption lasted 7 WEEKS I'm not kidding!

How Powerful Can They Be?

Based on what we've learned let's see...tick tock tick tock,REALLY POWERFUL!Did I mention that a volcano wiped out a hole road?!

Where Does It Happen?

Volcano eruptions happen where there is warm weather year round.So like Hawaii, Mexico somewhere like that.Not here in North Dakota.

Interesting Facts

1.Did you know that some volcanoes can be located in oceans?!

2.Some scientists watch volcanoes and predict when a volcano will erupt and will give the people a warning to stay safe.

3.A volcano dosen't just erupt lava it also erupts ash and rock!

I hope you enjoyed my page and I hope you learned something!I hope you will write about another natural disaster like I did!




natural disaster-a disaster that you can't stop or create

predict-taking a guess

warning-a heads up that somethings coming

earthquakes-when the Earth breaks big time

landslides-when things on mountains or well volcanoes start to fall and come down in a big slide


damage-broken property or equitment

pressure-strong force

magma-lava before lava

located-where something is

year round-happening all year


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