Smith Middle School Band Mid-Winter Concert

February 12, 2019

7:00 PM

Smith Middle School "Ballroom"


Dear Friends and Family,

Welcome to the SMS Bands Mid-Winter Concert. Our students are very excited to perform for you this evening. In many ways, tonight’s performance serves as a “benchmark” for our progress this semester as we prepare for our contest season in the coming months.

This is our formal concert of the year having performed at the Fall and Winter Concerts last semester. Members of the Symphonic Band and Wind Ensemble are gearing up for the UIL Concert and Sightreading Evaluation that will take place in April.

In addition to preparing for tonight’s performance, every student in the program prepared a solo and many of them performed it at last week's annual Solo Festival at Wheat MS.


Matthew Hiller & Sarah Middleton, SMS Band Directors

Concert Etiquette

It is the intent of the band directors to provide an enjoyable and clear learning environment for our students. On that note, the following is a list of ways to make this concert experience more memorable for our musicians and audience.

  • Please enter the performance quietly and quickly find a seat; latecomers should wait to find a seat at the first convenient pause in the music.
  • Please refrain from talking during the performance.
  • Please refrain from taking flash photographs as this distracts the musicians and other audience members. Feel free to take pictures between pieces or before and after the concert.
  • Be sure your cell phone is silenced during the concert. This is not only embarrassing to you, but is very distracting from an enjoyable performance.
  • Audience members that must leave during the concert should only do so during applause.
  • It is suggested that you not bring young children. If this is unavoidable, please keep them quiet. We understand that you are here to listen to the performance. However, it is extremely disturbing to those performing when a baby begins to cry or a child talks.

Thank you for understanding and cooperating!

Please Enjoy the Performance!!!

Symphonic Band

Sarah Middleton, director

The Paperclip Prince

Danielle Fisher

The Paperclip Prince is a fun, quirky, and energetic march for young band. Commissioned by the Young Band March Project, the march ensures all musicians the chance to be heard.

Its title is inspired by The Trombone King by Karl King. The French word for paperclip is trombone; so, with a little play-on-words, you get Trombone Prince. While the piece does not highlight trombone in the way that King’s march does, the trombone does have a few moments where it is featured, often with humor through the use of glissandi.

And It Begins

Haley Woodrow

The composer writes:

"I'll never forget being 11 years old and having the trumpet assigned to me for my beginning band class! Like many others, this seemingly simple decision had major implications on how I spent my teenage years - and still has a major impact on me today as an adult. I named my composition And It Begins to celebrate the early stages in the journey of becoming a forever band kid."

Night Fury

Carol Brittin Chambers

Night Fury was commissioned by the Argyle Middle School Band in Argyle, TX, directed by Evan Fletcher. The piece premiered on October 27, 2016.

Night Fury is intended to portray a mythological time period, full of adventure and excitement, You may very well envision dragons, castles and other legendary creatures as you are taken on an energetic journey. I have been greatly influenced all my life by movie soundtracks and the great film score composers. My goal for this piece was to create an epic-sounding, fast-paced composition playable by young musicians.

Wind Ensemble

Matthew Hiller, director

"America" from West Side Story

Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim (Arranged by Johnnie Vinson)

America” is a song from the musical West Side Story. Stephen Sondheim wrote the lyrics and Leonard Bernstein composed the music.

In the original stage version, Anita – the most important female character after Maria and the girlfriend of Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks – praises America while a fellow Puerto Rican immigrant, Rosalia, supports Puerto Rico. This version of the song deprecates the island and highlights the positive qualities of American life ("I’ll drive a Buick through San Juan/If there’s a road you can drive on"). The irony of this supposedly pro-American number, however, is its vibrantly Hispanic musical style, with Latin percussion, complex cross-rhythm and Spanish guitar.

In the 1961 film version, Anita, played by Rita Moreno, still sings in favor of the United States while Bernardo, played by George Chakiris, replies with corresponding criticisms of America and American anti-immigrant prejudice, especially against Puerto Ricans.

We perform Bernstein's, America, in honor of what would be the composer's centennial celebration.

Every Day New

William Owens

Each day is filled with adverse situations. I constantly marvel at how a simple gesture of kindness or a few words of encouragement from another can transform the seemingly darkest hours to times of hope and reassurance. The students of Pasadena (TX) Park View Intermediate School benefited daily form just such a person in Principal Robert Hasson. During his seventeen year tenure (2000-2017) as instructional leader at Park View, Dr. Hasson endeavored to touch as any children as possible in a positive and caring manner on a daily basis.

Commissioned by the Park View Intermediate School Band, Every Day New sets to music the mission of the gentle soul who gave so selflessly to others.

The work begin quite peacefully. A trumpet solo is heard early on, representing the authoritative but uplifting voice offering comfort to another. Before ending gently, the music blossoms into a robust harmonic statement, perhaps to give assurance that our breath through day is at hand.

El Tango

Rob Romeyn

The Tango is a well-known and recognizable style of music that originated in Argentina in the mid 19th century. El Tango is a fresh and creative example of this style, as the music gives the effect of building intensity from beginning to end. Lots of imaginative and "tasty" percussion parts add to the effect. A fun, "surprise" ending brings this enjoyable and stylistic work to a close.


Band Directors

Matthew Hiller, SMS Director of Bands

Sarah Middleton, SMS Associate Director of Bands

Matt Bibb, CISD Percussion Coordinator

Andrew Pouttu, CISD Assistant Percussion Director

Upcoming Events


  • 18 – Student Holiday
  • 19 – 5th 6 weeks begins
  • 21 – Beginning Band after-school rehearsal (before concert)
  • 21 – Beginning Band Mid-Winter Concert (All Bands) 6:00 PM at Smith (BB)
  • 27 - expected delivery of Cash Cow fundraiser


  • 1 – 8th Grade Hype Night and Party # 2
  • 5 - WE Rehearsal (5:00-6:30)
  • 11-15 - Spring Break!
  • 19 & 27 - SB Rehearsals (4:30-6:00)
  • 22 - WE Rehearsal (2:30-4:30)
  • 28 - WE Rehearsal (4:00-6:00)


  • 3-4 - UIL (date and time TBD)
Thanks to many!

CISD Administration

  • Kyle Heath, CISD Superintendent
  • Amber White, SMS Principal
  • Darrell Boedeker, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Alanna Lewallen, SMS Assistant Principal
  • Amy Taylor, Counselor
  • Kelly Warner, Counselor

CISD School Board

  • John Finnell, President
  • Elizabeth Childress, Vice President
  • Mike Witte, Secretary
  • June Bates
  • Wendell Dempsey
  • DeAnna King
  • Teddy Martyniuk

CISD Band Staff

  • Jason Jones, Director of Bands
  • Brock Feller, Associate Director of Bands
  • Matt Bibb, Percussion Coordinator

Music Enrichment Staff

  • Amber Goddard (flute)
  • Alexander Strader (clarinet)
  • Blayne Fugere (horn)
  • Andrew Pouttu (percussion)

Other thank yous:

  • Janice Sullivan and the Golden Pride Band Boosters
  • Ben Poledna and the SMS Custodial Staff
  • The teachers and staff of Smith Middle School

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Matthew Hiller


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