Because of your support, 2016 was an amazing year for people in need of lasting, clean water.

Water is at the center of everything. It unlocks health, education, gives time back to women and allows communities to thrive. Everything begins with water - and water begins you.

5,565 of you gave $2,403,018.41 - providing clean water to 200 new communities and schools, and keeping water flowing for more than 300,000 people.

Every gift is directly connected to a community. You always know exactly who and how you helped.

Plainfield South High School started a fundraising campaign and raised more than $3,300 for clean water through creative fundraising activities.

919 of you started fundraising pages, inviting your friends and family to join you in helping communities get clean water. Over 9,000 people received clean water because of your voice and passion.

Never underestimate the good you can do!

More than 408 of you contributed monthly—supporting local, in-country jobs and programs that repair water points in 4 countries. Monthly donors supported 1,935 monitoring visits and 276 repair visits, keeping the promise of water flowing.

Your monthly gift assures communities can count on water, every month!

The Water Project has always taken pride in being one of the first water organizations to report transparently about your specific giving impact through photos, project descriptions, stories, maps and follow-up updates. In 2016, we made it easier for you to see, in real-time, anywhere, those you are helping with clean water with our new Impact Snapshot app.

In 2016, 143 communities and 57 schools received clean water in Sierra Leone, Kenya and Uganda.

In Sierra Leone, 20 communities and 2 schools received wells and with your support, our teams kept water flowing for over 115 communities.

In Western Kenya, our teams drilled and repaired wells, built rainwater catchment systems and latrines, and protected springs for 69 communities and 49 schools.

In Southeastern Kenya, our teams continued their work with farming communities facing drought and water insecurity. 41 water projects reversed the effects of extended drought by providing sand dams and wells and 6 rainwater catchment systems brought safe water to schools.

In Western Uganda, 13 water and sanitation programs were implemented. Communities proved their commitment to their own health by making sure every house had a latrine before wells were constructed.

Nothing makes a year better than clean water... and puppies. Java, our Chief Happiness Officer, had 4 puppies this year. After a well deserved maternity leave, she came back to welcome our guests and lick hundreds of stamps on the thank you notes we mailed to you in 2016!

For years, water organizations have advertised their impact based on a number of projects installed. That's a fine metric of success...for one day in time. But, what matters to a family in Kenya is whether water is still flowing today.

Clean water doesn’t have a project completion date. Neither should your impact.

So, we count what counts. We're not satisfied to claim responsibility for completing 1,000 water projects over 10 years unless we are truly responsible for 1,000 projects today - which means knowing if they work. When we consider true impact, this is what counts.

When we report that your 2016 giving provides safe water to over 300,000 people - we know it does.

Because of your support, we’re able to say confidently - through real-time reporting - that more communities can rely on access to clean water than ever before. We are meeting the tangible daily needs of families, creating jobs, and strengthening schools all while respecting the communities we serve - together.

Peter Chasse, President & Founder

This work is amazing, and inspiring and hard. We love talking about it all - so call us or email us with any questions or just to say hi!

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