My Career Research Project By MATT STILLMAN

My highest score on Naviance was social and enterprising. I think that the test is correct because the the test shows what I want to do in life. Also, these topics interest me very much and says what I want to do in life.

My career I want to choose is a sports trainer. A sports trainer makes 40,000 a year. For a sports trainer you get trained on the job and needs some extra skills so you go to school for it. Trainers are people that help sports players when they get injured. This job is good for me because I like sports and i like to help people.

This is what trainers do they look for injures and help players if they have an injury.They also are apart of the team if you think about it. You also get to meet new people and also you get to know the players. You also get be with people that want to do that you do.

One thing that you have to do to get this job is school and you need a really good education. You need to be very caring and have a really good attitude to have this job.

When you want to be a sports trainer you have to go to school and you get to be around sports and sports players. You can be a trainer in anything and you can help kids in your and you can get csip.
This the employment of a sports trainer that is projected from 2014-2024. This job isn't just another job it takes a lot of responsibilities and care to have this job. This will have the most of jobs in in that time range. The more you work at getting into the field of this job the better chance you have of getting the job.


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