Cinderella You never know what can happen.....

My story is going to be a comedy and it is going to be live set because the story is a realistic story so it could actually happen. Since it could actually happen it would be better to make it a live set as it is more realistic. However it is hard to find the right actors and actresses for the parts. It is going to be a modern film and a comedy. My film is going to be modern with modern clothing and hairstyles.

Characters in the film:

Cinderella - Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence ( Cinderella)
Cinderella hairstyle before transformation
Cinderella's dress before transformation
Cinderella's hairstyle after transformation
Cinderella's gown after transformation

Prince Charming - Zac Efron

Prince Charming (Zac Efron)
Prince's hairstyle
Prince's suit

Fairy Godmother - Una Stubbs

Fairy Godmother (Una Stubbs)
Fairy Godmother Cloak

Drizzella - Louise Brealey

Drizzle (Louise Brealey)
Drizzella hairstyle ball and before ball
Drizzella's dress before ball
Drizzella's ballgown

Anastasia - Donna Air

Anastasia (Donna Air)
Anastasia's hairstyle for ball and before ball
Anastasia's dress before ball
Anastasia's ballgown

Lady Tremaine - Salma Hayek

Lady Tremain (Salma Hayek)
Lady Tremaine's hairstyle before ball and ball
Lady Tremaine's dress before ball
Lady Tremaine's ballgown
Prince Charming's Ballroom
Cinderella's Garden
Cinderella goes to the ball on this pogo stick which was given to her by her fairy godmother
Cinderella's normal meal
Profiterole tower at the ball
Anastasia's bedroom

The clean up song will be playing when Cinderella is cleaning up after her stepsisters and stepmother go to the ball and leave her behind.

The End!

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