Phases of the moon By: Hailey flemons

When we view the moon from earth, we see different shapes almost every night. This is because the light from the sun that hits the moon changes when the moon revolves around the earth. If we were to view the moon from space, we would see something completely different. Since we are in space, we would not see the shadow that the earth creates on the moon. Instead, we would see a quarter moon all the time. It’s important to know the difference between first and third quarter. On a first quarter moon, the light is on the right. And on a third quarter moon the light is on the left. Now if we were to view the moon from space, we would know if the phases were waxing or waning. The phases that are waxing are getting brighter and leading up to a full moon. The phases that are waning are getting less bright and leading up to a new moon.


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