Reagan Brook Photography I

Rule of Thirds

This photo uses the rule of thirds. The flower is located in the left center of the canvas. I edited this photo on Polarr. I like this picture because the focus is on the yellow flower surrounded by a mellow and plain background.

Leading Lines

This photograph uses leading lines. It has lines that guide the eye to a vanishing point. I edited this photograph in Polarr. I like this photo because the rust on the metal is highlighted and the dirt and raw aspect of the picture is present.


This photo uses macro. It is macro because the grass and water droplets are larger than they are in real life compared to the picture. I edited this photograph in Polarr. I like this photo because the water droplets are the main focus and the colors are gloomy like its raining.


This photo is considered monochrome. The photo has shadows from the light shining through the trees. I has texture fro the leaves on the ground and in the sky. This photo uses highlight and contrast.


I edited this photo in GIMP. I used many tools to edit this. I used the clone tool to cover the air conditioning box in the corner of the building. I also cloned out the fuse box beside the air conditioner and filled in some leaves t make it look more realistic. I also used the airbrush tool. I saw some places in her skin to make smoother so I matched her skin color and airbrushed a few small spots. I also used the airbrush tool to draw eyebrows on her to make them more present. The airbrush tool was also used to color on fingernail polish. I matched the color of the sky and incorporated that in her fingernails. I also used a subtle filer and the curve tool. This photo uses many editing tools in GIMP.

Still Life

This photo is a still life photo. I put the black sheet on the module in our classroom. Then I set up the bunny,glass, and the sparkling grape juice. I placed the lights behind the subjects to give another light source. I asked a partner to hold a light on the right side of the photo to illuminate the subjects. I edited this in Polarr. I made the photo darker and the lights brighter.

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