Fuck The System By The Exploited

Fuck The System

2014 | Punk

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“Thousands of homeless and more each day. -- The misery continues, it's the government way."


  • The Exploited are a Scottish hardcore band from Edinburgh, Scotland, formed in 1979 by Stevie Ross and Terry Buchan, later joined by his brother Wattie Buchan.
  • On October 14, 2003, about 500 fans of the band started a riot in Montreal, Quebec, Canada after an Exploited concert was cancelled due to the band not being allowed into the country. Rioters destroyed eight cars and set them on fire; broke 11 store windows and caused other damage. The band was banned from playing in Mexico City due to the riot.
  • Fuck the System was available in the US in a "clean version" with its anti-authoritarian title censored to "F*** the System" and edits made to the tracks themselves.


Luke Tatum

"Future is chaos and anarchy; The misery continues; It's the government way." Strong stuff for a song with few words. The state needs to step aside. It is THE inhibitor of human progress, despite the claims of so-called "progressives." The future is chaos and anarchy, yes. We--human beings--are the entities that distill chaos into order. Not the state. Not laws. Not democracy. Us.

Sherry Voluntary

This is your average run of the mill, high energy punk song. It’s mediocre, but I gotta say I love the lyric “fuck the system.” Not because I’m edgy and hard core, and don’t care about what happens to people, but because I do. I see the damage done to people by the system that they believe so fervently in. They hate the government that can tell them who they have to bake cakes for, but love the government who can tell you what bathroom to use. The State is bad because regardless of what name is beside your politician. Give up the idea that just giving the right person the right power is the answer to any problem. Government solutions are good for one thing: growing The State. That’s what it always comes down to in the end.

Nicky P

Grandfathers of the genre, it's no surprise these guys got at least one song on the list. It's no surprise that at least one artist skips the niceties and gets straight to the expletives. I'm sure we see a different root of the problem but no doubt the problem is hard to ignore. I know for me it's bands like the exploited that started me down the road that led me toward my current political leanings. Every problem in the world is exasperated by state involvement, from homelessness to unemployment. Every solution they offer brings a side effect worse than the disease.

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Nicky P