Translations Project By Boyd, Ryan, Morgan, christian



Lancey will be wearing a Red soldiers uniform with medals on his left shoulder indicating a commanding officer. The buttons and accessories on his uniform will be made of silver. Bridget is wearing a somewhat traditional light and dark brown dress. It’s made of a thicker material of yarn, which is shown in the details of the drawing.

Maire is wearing another traditional outfit, with a red top and a pink skirt The sleeves of her shirt are an eggshell white, and her buttons are the same color. Owen is wearing a white, long sleeved button up shirt with a light brown vest. To match with his outfit, he is wearing light brown khakis and a white tie. All of his buttons are dark brown. Unlike Doalty, Owen’s outfit is more kept due to his work with the Army

Doalty will be wearing a black and white plaid button up shirt with black overalls. As an extra design aspect, he is also wearing a small white scarf. His sleeves will be rolled up during the performance. Sarah’s dress is wearing an all beige dress with white string connecting the sides of the dress.


The set of the scene is in an older, cobblestone home in a somewhat unkempt setting. Since the majority of the scene was set in a classroom, lots of books and seats are placed around the room. An “upstairs” is placed for many of the actors to walk down from, as well as a “downstairs” door for the other actors to enter from. The desk contains the map that Owen was working on for Lancey and their fellow soldiers to use. The cobblestone walls are more of a dark grey color, and the rest of the room are either light or dark brown. The flooring of the set would have yellow/light brown pine straw to make walking around more comfortable.



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