Common Exhibit #5 Professor Interview

Written Reflection

First of all just for clarification, the reason the video is black is because my teacher was adamant not being recorded on video. I got the feeling he enjoys his privacy and wants the government to know as little about him as possible.

This was a very interesting exhibit in getting to an interview a professor and ask questions outside of the academic world. I interviewed Mr. John Grant who is a graduate assistant who got his undergrad from NC State. I chose to interview him because I think he is a very good teacher who feels as though people get out what they put in. I took Math 1020 last semester and my teacher then was not near as good as Mr. Grant. I was kind of surprised when I got the answers I did from the questions I asked. If you look at him, he does not seem like the type of guy who he actually is. He and I are very similar in a lot ways. For example, we both agree that discipline is one thing many college students lack. This is just one example among many others you will hear about in the video. I suppose the thing I most learned was that teachers aren't our enemy, they want us to succeed. Also, not to judge people just from the looks of them. to be honest, I got the feeling Mr. Grant was a straight up guy who teaches pretty well. But what I learned the most was that him and I are a lot more similar than I would have ever imagined. As far as my perception of faculty in general goes, I suppose it goes back just to not judging them just by the way they seem and most of all that teachers do not want us to fail, even though it may seem like teachers smile when they write "F" on a test. But for the most part, teachers want everyone to succeed because when their students succeed, they do as well. This was a very interesting exhibit and a learning experience as well. Overall, my biggest takeaway was that teachers want their students to succeed.

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