My Trip to Auguittuq National Park BY Lauren Kreider

Day 1, boarding to Canada

It was 9:35 a.m and I was about to board on a plane that would take me on a trip of a lifetime. I was going to go see the Auguittuq National Park, that is located in Canada and has lots of cool things for you to do. I was mostly excited to go skiing because I like how you haft to go down a hill, and glide past the scenery of the nature around . The plane ride was not as crowded as I thought it would be, but is was boring. Of course, my brother and I were the ones causing most of the trouble. We would have arrived there on excepted time, but i guess the wether had other plans. This national park is located in Canada, so it is near the north. That means the wether would not feel like walking through a warm summer day. When we got off the plane, it was as cold as my freezer! I tried to huddle near my brother for warmth, but he did not like that , so out of the blue I had snow in my face. My dad thought was historical so was laughing like a hyena. My face was really pale, like the snow, so we went inside the air port to get our warmth back. We were about to board to the national park, until I saw a snow mobile. I always wanted to go on one of these things, so I begged my dad, but he gave me a lecture about how dangerous it was. I gave up in about 5 minutes, and hoped that this trip would turn out to be fun.

What it looked like when we got there

Day 1 "continued", at the National park

When we arrived it looked like a picture that was created by an artist. The land had many beautiful lakes, and had lots of plant life, and animal life. The water was crystal clear, so I could see my reflection perfectly. After gazing at this beautiful land, we went to go meet up with the tour guide, so we could find out more about this unique park. The tour lasted about 30 minutes, but we got to learn about all of the history, plants, animals, and all of the cool things we can do. I really liked the tour, but sadly it was getting late, and we had to leave to our hotel. Our hotel was located near the park, so it did not take so long to get there. We had one giant room that had a lot of fancy things in it. My brother and I were trying not to break anything, but the key word there is we tried. 10 minutes after that it was lights out for us. I was really excited for the day that would come before us.

What our hotel looked like on the outside

Day 2, The Activitys

It was 8:00 a.m when I was awoken in a harsh full way by my mom. I am not a morning person so I wanted to sleep for like 2 more hours. I thought for about 10 seconds and forgot about what we were going to do at the park today. I jumped from my bed, got dressed, and was ready to dash out the door. When we got back to the national park, the first thing that we were going to do was climb up Thor mountain. This was one of the worlds tallest cliff face, and had a 5,495 foot vertical climb. To me this mountain looked very tremendous, and dangerous, but it actually turned out to be fun. When we were about to reach the top of the mountain, it had the most beautiful view ever. I never saw how beautiful our land looks from the sky's. Now we are up... great, but how are we going to get back down.

What Mountain Thor looked like

Day 2 "continued" More Activitys

After the journey down the mountain it was time for our next activity, and his was my favorite. We were going skiing. I was a pro at this because I went skiing with my friends before, but my parents. That's a whole new story. They didn't even know how to stand without falling over. It took awhile, but they finally got the hang of it, and they were almost passing me! I told my brother that he had to stay quiet because the mountain was very fragile, and could start up a avalanche. After we got to the bottom, it was time to finally go back to our hotel. I really wished that we would have been able to do another activity, but it took to long to calm down my brother in order to go down the mountain. I thought I would not enjoy this trip, but I think this had to have been my favorite national park we went to.

When we went skiing down the mountian

Day 3, The Leave

It was that time already. I have gathered my things and was waiting near the door to our hotel to leave. I really wanted to stay longer, but I guess time flys fast when you are having fun. When my mom and dad were finally ready, we left to go to the air port. Our plane arrived a little late, so some things were delayed. I aborted the plane and said my final goodbyes to the Auguittuq National Park.

Leaving the National Park

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