March on Washington Alexis Collins

The March on Washington is where a lot of the Black Americans came together and marched for their political and economic equality. That took place on August 28th 1963.

When they were marching in Washington, they were trying to accomplish ending segregation. They also wanted to prove a point that their skin color shouldn’t determine how they should be treated.

How was the event successful?

This event in Washington was very successful because over 200,000 people showed up including some White Americans came to give them their support.

Some famous people were also involved in this event. President John F. Kennedy showed his support a little. As well as Martin Luther King Jr. giving his famous “I Have a Dream” speech right in front of the Lincoln Monument located in Washington D.C. That led to a call for many people for racial justice and equality.

What were the obstacles?

During the Civil Rights Movement, the Black Americans had horrible obstacles. They had an unequal world, where they were judged by their skin color and weren’t able to do certain things. They would even do peaceful protests for their freedom, but that would always turn into violence because of the police officers.

how did they overcome the obstacles?

Some Black Americans started to peacefully fight back with love. It all started with Rosa Parks on how she wouldn’t give up her bus seat to a white rider knowing the consequences. She was someone they could look up to. Soon, college students would train themselves to prepare for a sit in. They knew they would be treated horribly, so they made sure they would know to fight back by not giving up their seats as well.

How does this impact today?

The long lasting effects were the Black Americans achieving their goal and had a social change. The March on Washington also inspired many Americans to fight for equality. It even gave access for different race, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, sexual orientation, or disabilities to be able to fight for their equality.

Modern Inequality

The women’s marches in Washington D.C have a similarity of when the Black Americans Marched for their equality, because women want to be treated equally too.

Women today are being treated differently in several different social areas because they don't have the same privileges men do. The Women's march in Washington D.C regarded human rights and other issues such as; women's rights, immigration reform, healthcare reform, the natural environment, LGBTQ rights, racial equality, freedom of religion, and workers' rights.

On the first day of Trump's presidency, more than two million people across the world came to protest. This march was so large, that in some cities it was nearly impossible. Women did this march to prove that women's rights are human rights.

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