Kyra Elise an unofficial online portfolio

Welcome! This page was created to exhibit my skills in graphic design as I continue through my program at the University of Utah.

Here's an infographic of recommended succulent care. I handcrafted each vector in this image, including the wood in the background (which was a lot harder to create than I originally anticipated, but well worth the effort) and the actual content of the succulent care I found on the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose. I purchased that fonts from a website called Design Cuts, whose link i've provided below:
After watching an Adobe Illustrator tutorial on how to create 'low res poly portraits', I spent the rest of the evening constructing my own poly portrait with my name and date of birth as a watermark. I felt the earthy green background color went really well with the natural skin pigments in the poly portrait.
This is an assignment from my Digital Studio class, where we were asked to create a "Personal Interest Patch" using only 5-6 colors. This assignment really helped me strengthen my Pen Tool skills in Adobe Illustrator.
This was an assignment in my Computer Arts class, where we were asked to create a personal logo. I presented both during my class critique, and overall the logo on the left-hand side was most favorable.
I was asked by a creative director about a year ago to exhibit my skills in Infographics. I had yet to have any experience in this area of graphic design, so I decided to give it a try. Although the content itself is not all the interesting, I was able to gain more experience in this area as well as improve in my vector design skills.

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