Kyra Elise an unofficial online portfolio

Welcome! This page was created to exhibit my skills in graphic design as I continue through my program at the University of Utah.

Banners for the University of Utah's Student Media orientation
The cover for U Saves Week
Here is a spread I designed for the Daily Utah Chronicle during U-Saves week
These are a few of the posters from our E-Bike Campaign. This project was a lot of fun because we had a lot of creative liberty. The campaign wasn't thought to be very successful in the beginning because of the demographic we were marketing to (poor college students) and the price of electric bikes. Within the first 7 weeks of the campaign launch, e-bikes generated over $250,000 in revenue (we were surprised too).
Here are a few spec ads for a current client of ours, Alpha Coffee.
Posters for Planned Parenthood of Utah's "We won't go back" campaign
Here's an infographic of recommended succulent care. I handcrafted each vector in this image, including the wood in the background (which was a lot harder to create than I originally anticipated, but well worth the effort) and the actual content of the succulent care I found on the Cactus and Succulent Society of San Jose. I purchased that fonts from a website called Design Cuts, whose link i've provided below:
In this project we were assigned the task of creating a poster for various US patents given the original text, title, inventor, year, and patent number.
Here, I constructed my own poly-portrait with my name and date of birth as a watermark. I felt the earthy green background color went really well with the natural skin pigments in the portrait.
For this assignment, we each picked a photo from Henri Cartier Bresson's collection from his work "The Decisive Moment". We were then asked to identify the compositional forces in the original photo, and translate them into our own composition with a similar visual hierarchy.
This is an assignment from my Digital Studio class, where we were asked to create a "Personal Interest Patch" using only 5-6 colors. This assignment really helped me strengthen my Pen Tool skills in Adobe Illustrator.
This was an assignment in my Computer Arts class, where we were asked to create a personal logo. I presented both during my class critique, and overall the logo on the left-hand side was most favorable.
This was an assignment for my Visual Communications class where we were asked to create 9 glyphs in our own font family. Each character was constructed through an online platform called Fontstruct.
Mockup #1: QI Wonder spec work
These are a few examples of work that I submitted to a potential client for their beauty and wellness brand.
Here is a spec ad for a current client, Alpha Coffee.
Here is a spec ad for a current client, Alpha Coffee.
For this assignment, we were to choose an object (before knowing what it was we were doing with it) and create three different graphic translations. Over 100+ studies later, this was my final result.
The next assignment was to take those graphic translations from project 1, and use them to create a poster series about a fictional MoMA exhibition. The goal was for each poster to stand alone and work just as well as if they were presented together with the given contextual clues and graphics.

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