I hate it here in UglyVille. I just want to be in New Pretty Town where everyone is pretty. Here in UglyVille there is nothing to do, but in New Pretty Town at this very moment I can see that they are partying. It is just not fair to me.The thing that makes it all worse is that I just turned sixteen thinking that I would turn pretty after all but that is not at all what happend. Instead I am going on a journey to try and find my friend Shay. Dr. Cable said that if I find her and bring her home that I could get the operation to turn pretty. It it not as easy as it sounds. I have to travel on a hoverboard to the the Smoke with clues from Shay's instructions. The clues from Shay's instructions are very difficult to follow. Sometimes I am just guessing to what she means. After a long time of hoverboarding to the Smoke I finally found Shay, and now the real mission begins.


I have some very good memories. One of the very best memory's I will always remember is Peris. When we were kids we were best friends. Nothing could stop us from seeing each other every day, until one day when he turned into a pretty. Another good memory that I will never forget is meeting Shay. One day when I was exploring, I saw her. Ever since then we have been very good friends. The last memory that I will write about is when I was just about to turn 16. When people are 16 they can get the operation to turn into a pretty. When my birthday finally arrived I was so estatic that I could finally turn into a pretty, or so I thought.


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