The Revolutionary War. Allison LYnn

The Revolutionary War was a major event that changed everything almost everywhere. Generals fought against each other to prove their power and authority to their enemy. Some generals brought their success home to their families while the others suffered a huge loss. The Revolutionary War was a hard fought battle for everyone that participated in it.

5 Important Events that led up to the Revolutionary War.
  1. The French and Indian War (1754-1763)- This war began in 1754 and ended with signing the Treaty of Paris. It provided Great Britain enormous territorial gain in North America.
  2. The Sugar Act (1764)-A law passed by the British Parliament raising duties on refined sugar.
  3. Patrick Henry's "If This Be Treason" speech (1765)-Less than a month before the war started, Patrick Henry gave a speech in Richmond, Virginia.
  4. The Boston Massacre (1770)- Tensions were running high with the British and colonists.
  5. The Boston Tea Party (1773)-A protest.
The Boston Tea Party
The Boston Massacre of 1770.

These events had a very important impact on the war and what made America what it is today. Although, these events took a huge toll on soldiers and killed 5,000 people, it helped shape America.

Some Major Battles in the American Revolution.
  1. Battle of Lexington and Concord
  2. Battle of Bunker Hill
  3. Olive Branch Petition
  4. Battle of Long Island
  5. Battle of White Plains
The Battle of Lexington and Concord

These battles were fought long and hard. Many died or were injured very badly. Everyone that fought in these battles wanted to show that their group was better than the others. Some did just that, and others died trying to.

A Few Outcomes of the War.

The outcome of the Revolutionary War allowed the 13 colonies to join together into one nation and become the United States. The U.S. would become free from British rule, which made it possible for freedom and to express new ideas from The Declaration of Independence.

The Treaty of Paris was signed in Paris, France in September 1783. This also allowed the war to end and the rule of Great Britain to go away.


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