Immigrants vs Native By Kyle N


Natives to a specific country or region don't want immigrants moving to live there. Natives are going to extreme measures to stop this from happening. Natives are using racism and social criticism to essentially "bully" the immigrants moving in.


In my opinion, the main reason the Natives don't want immigrants moving is because of job opportunities. They don't want immigrants taking good jobs that the Natives could have. The Natives also don't want immigrants buying property such as houses and land.

How can we surpass this issue?

In my opinion, immigrants make up a country. Immigrants can start up a business of some sort and they can employee the Natives of that specific country or region and it turns into a win-win situation.

Why are immigrants moving ?

The reason that immigrants are moving can be very vague such as them wanting to seek new job opportunities, or they just want to start new life for their family. Although, there are some very serious reason as to why immigrants may be leaving their country. Natives from the middle east may be seeking to live elsewhere because of their living conditions. In the middle east today, there is a war taking place and its very dangerous. Almost every day, the Natives have to experience soldiers busting into their own homes and being held at gun point, or jets dropping bombs very close to their house.


In conclusion, immigrants aren't all that bad. They can create job opportunities for Natives which helps out the country/region. Although, there can be some immigrants that are taking the new opportunity of life for granted. But, MOST of the immigrants can help the country/region. Without immigrants, a country can fall apart.


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