The history behind the Odyssey By: Kylee tamez

What is the Trojan War?

the Bronze Age conflict between the kingdoms of Troy and Mycenaean

How did the war start and end?

The Trojan War started as a way for Zeus to reduce the ever-increasing population of humanity and, more practically, as an expedition to reclaim Helen, wife of Menelaos, King of Sparta and brother of Agamemnon. Helen was abducted by the Trojan prince Alexandros. Menelaos and the Greeks wanted her back. The Trojan War ended because when the greeks defeated the Trojans by leaving a large wooden horse outside the gates of Troy. The Trojans pulled the mysterious gift into the city. When night fell, the horse opened up and a group of Greek warriors, led by Odysseus, climbed out and defeated Troy from within.

Who were the major players in the war?

King Agamemnon of Mycenae who led the Greeks and King Priam who led the Trojan Army.

How does the Odyssey related to it?

The Odyssey was an epic written by Homer during the last 53 days of the ten year war.

Who is Homer ?

Homer was a writer on the Odyssey

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