Canada vs the World How Citizens of the World View Canada

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Canada Data Collection


Natural Resources: Iron ore, Nickel, Zinc, Copper, Gold, Lead, Rare Earth Elements, Diamonds, Silver, Fish, Timber, Wildlife, Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas, Hydro-power.

Land Use: Agricultural land-6.8%; Arable Land-4.7% Permanent Crops-0.5%; Permanent Pasture-1.6%; Forests- 34.1%; Other 59.1% (2014 est.)

Natural Hazards: Permanent frost in northern territories creates obstacles in development of habitable areas. Storms from the east of the Rocky Mountains produce most of the countries rain and snow, east of the mountains. Volcanism: Many volcanoes in West Coast mountains remain dormant, creating challenges for volcanologist and geographers as to how to study and create efficient evacuation plans.

Environmental Issues: The smelting of metal, the burning of coal for utilities, vehicle emissions, have a significant impact on agricultural and forest activity. Air pollution resulting in acid rain is known to have damaging effects on lakes and forests.

The Grey Jay, Canada's unofficial National Bird.
The past is to be respected and acknowledged, but not to be worshiped. It is our future in which we will find our greatness- Pierre Elliot Trudeau

People & Society

Population- 35.16 million people , 39th most populous country in the world.

Population Pyramid of Canada-2014

Age Structure- 0-14 YEARS: 15.44%; 15-24 YEARS: 12.12%; 25-54 YEARS: 40.32%; 55-64 YEARS: 13.94%; 65-OLDER: 18.18%

Dependency Ratio- Total Dependency Ratio: 47.3% ; Youth Dependency: 23.5%; Elderly Dependency: 23.8% Potential Support Ratio: 4.2% (2015 est.)

Population Growth- 0.74%; 146th world ranking.

Urbanization- Urban population: 81.8%; 8% of total population.

Rate of urbanization: 1.22% Annual rate of change.

Life Expectancy- Total population: 81.9 YEARS; Males: 79.2 YEARS; Females: 84.6 YEARS

Total Fertility Rate- 1.6 children born/woman; 183rd world ranking.

Health Expenditure- 10.4 % of GDP; 15th world ranking.

Each of us is carving a stone, erecting a column, or cutting a piece of stained glass in the construction of something much bigger than ourselves-Adrienne clarkson


Gross Domestic Product ( Per Capita): $46 200 (2016 est)

Unemployment Rate: 7.1% (2016 est.) 83rd world ranking.

Population below Poverty Line: 9.4% Living below Poverty Line according to CIA World Factbook. Canada has no official poverty line.

Exports: $402/4 Billion (2016 est.) Commodities: Motor Vehicles and parts, industrial machinery, aircraft telecommunications equipment, chemicals, plastics, fertilizers, wood pulp, timber, crude petroleum, natural gas, electricity, aluminum. Largest trading partner: Unites States 76.7 % (2015)

External Debt: $1.608 Trillion (2016 est.)

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Telephones: 29.39 million phones. 44th world ranking.

Blackberry Priv. Designed by BlackBerry Limited.

Internet Users: Total 31.053 million users.

Percent of population using telecommunications: 88.5% (July 2015 est.) 21st world ranking.

The world needs more canada-barack obama
U.S. Presidents with the Prime Ministers of Canada.

Article Summary

How Canada is Perceived Around the World

Canadianists- Experts on Canada's place in the world, from around the world.

Slovenia-Many Slovenians have family linked to Canada. Have a positive view of Canada.

Netherlands- The Dutch view Canada as the "European America". Feel nostalgic about how Europe looked in the past; see that in Canada. Acknowledge the natural beauty of Canada. Have fears that due to the policies of former Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Canada will turn into one big oil field. Harper felt more American and former President Barack Obama felt more Canadian.

Slovakia- Canada isn't mentioned often in Slovakian news and many Slovaks are unsure of Canada's international role. Canadians are viewed more favourably compared to Americans and have an image of high prosperity in Canada. Due to the Refugee Crisis, Slovaks are starting to have an Anti-American perspective because Canada does not interfere with matters that does not concern it.

United States- Out of any country in the world, Canada is the most liked by Americans, though they are not that well informed on Canada. Despite the significant difference in population size, more Canadians visit the U.S. than Americans visit Canada. Americans should take lessons from Canadians on issues of public school education, health care, federalism, livable cities, and Aboriginal Rights.

Israel- Israelis believe that Canada is at a disadvantage compared to its southern neighbor simply based on the sheer influence the United States has on the world stage. Many academic programs which helped spread Canadian academic programs around the world have been affected due to austerity measures enacted by the Canadian government.

China- Canada is forgotten in Chinese political classes, viewed as a country without an influential political system or impactful foreign policy. Recent policies by the former Harper government have improved Sino-Canadian economic relations despite critique on China's human rights issues. Canadians believe that China should engage more in defending fundamental rights, freedom, justice and democracy.

India- Economic relations between India and Canada haven't always been positive due to past political differences. In the present, the outlook is optimistic with emphasis on economic development.

Germany- Germans see Canada as the second oldest federal democracy in the world. Under the leadership of the former Harper Government Canada is more focused on national issues than on international ones.

United Kingdom- Canada is often ousted from the British mindset. Fiscal austerity threaten the influence on Canadian literature on the global stage.

Poland- Poles have an enthusiastic vision of Canada as they view it as a post modern society with young and interesting people, filled with history that swayed the 20th Century. Polish students see Canada having a multi ethnic, multicultural and multi religious heritage.

Venezuela- Canada is an important figure in Latin America and is seen as a symbol of democracy and freedom. Venezuelans are mindful and are grateful of the Canadian Parliaments attention to the political crises and human rights violations that have taken place in the South American country.

Northern Ireland- Northern Irish appreciate the help that was offered by Canada to help improve Post-Conflict life. See Canada's international profile lessening due to the lack of lessons learnt from Canada on the international arena.

Mexico- Canada's policies on climate change, renewable energy, water sanitation and consumption are seen as examples to follow and emulate.

I want to set an example that will be never forgotten -Terry fox


What is Canada's biggest strength/weakness?

Canada's biggest strength is its own image around the world. Many nations in Eastern Europe, Asia and Latin American have a highly positive impression of Canada and what the country represents and stands for, even trying to emulate Canadian policies to benefit their own respective countries in an attempt to improve the lives of their own citizens. Canada is a large contributor to issues that concern human rights, environmental rights and the rights of the disadvantaged. Canada's abundance of natural resources creates an advantage when engaging with another sovereign nation simply because the interests of all parties involved can be met resulting in an agreeable economic achievement as is best represented when India and Canada had differing political views. The country's image is seen positively because of the numerous peacekeeping missions Canada participated in the 20th century: providing food aid, medical specialists and peace keeping soldiers. Canada's weakness on the other hand is its inability to produce enough Canadians to continuously retain a high standard of living, resulting in a wide immigration policy. Canada needs immigrants to keep taxes at a livable level while providing emigrants enough of an incentive to begin new lives as Canadian citizens.

What is Canada's most pressing issue or concern?

Canada's most pressing issue or concern at the moment has to be its inability to be an influential member on the world stage. Since WWII Canada has gradually gained recognition for its contribution to multiple causes such as the protection of the environment, the recognition and acceptance of global refugees, and the commitment to spreading democracy and freedom through peacekeeping missions around the world. Poland is one of many Eastern European countries that most reflects this perception where Canada is viewed as a highly modern society with a multi ethnic, multicultural and multi religious way of life. However, due to the United States being its closest neighbor and strongest ally, Canada's contributions can be overlooked simply because of the many areas of influence the U.S. has. This issue can be concerning because Canada should be seen and recognized for its involvement that positively affects the lives of millions of people around the globe.

Compared to others should Canadians be proud of their country?

Canadians should be very proud of their country. Canada has provided asylum to those seeking refuge from a country where they are not welcomed, Canada has tried to influence the way we preserve our natural resources, Canada has become in international symbol of stability and prosperity challenging many countries to keep their own citizens from emigrating. Venezuelans are aware of that fact and respectful of the Canadian governments admission that human rights were violated in the South American nation and political prisoners were detained simply because they happened to disagree with the Venezuelan government. Canadians should feel most proud for the contributions of Canada in the 20th century, when a young nation was a major contributor in the largest global conflict and how every Canadian at the time, was fully behind a cause that fought to retain democracy and freedom.

Is Canada "better off" compared to other countries? What areas is Canada better/not better?

Canada is absolutely better off than most countries around the world. Canadians are privileged to receive the freedom and independence found in less than the majority of nations around the world. Canadians should appreciate the quality of life not found in many parts of Asia, Africa and South America and should be mindful and aware of the responsibility that they have to be well informed of current and world events. Canada however, is falling behind in raising awareness of its own efforts around the world due to economic austerity. Nations like Germany, Israel and Slovakia do not see Canada being a major competitor in putting forth its strongest causes and trying to get other nations to follow along in promoting ideas of fairness, acceptance, tolerance and global harmony. The biggest reason Canada is seen as second fiddle or as a nation just along for the ride is due to its allies such as the United States, Great Britain, and Germany simply having more influence, a longer history of international involvement and larger national GDP per capita. These nations are first to get economic agreements and bilateral trade deals of their choice before Canada is able to make a serious effort and get its foot through the door.


In conclusion, Canada is a great nation full of opportunities and abilities other citizens of the globe could only wish their countries had. Canadians should be aware that Canada is not perfect nor does it try to represent excellence or an ideal society. Canada in its purest form is a nation where anyone is welcome as long as they are able to contribute in forwarding the basic tenets of Canadian democracy.

By: Pratham Satoskar (510888)


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