WK Guard Written By Samiksha Prasanna

Who Are they?

You've probably seen them around, practicing in the commons as you leave a basketball game, or you've driven by them on the front field with the marching band during summer. But do you know who they are? Do you know who the colorguard is? What colorguard is?

As sophomore varsity guard member Jaclyn Kubala describes, "Guard is a combination of dance and equipment in order to express a song or how you're feeling." Guard coaches spend months brainstorming ideas and putting together every aspect of the sport to create a meaningful performance. It's dance choreography, theatrical performance and drama, athleticism, spinning technique, and design wrapped up in one meaningful performance. In a way, they enhance the music the marching band makes on the field.

"Guard is a combination of dance and equipment in order to express a song or how you're feeling." -JK

But according to the people on the team guard is so much more to them. When asked to describe guard in their own words, here is what some of the team said...

"Guard is a family,so you know no matter where you go or who you're with, you'll always have people that have your back. In and out of the sport." -Emma Blanton
"A really nice clan of weird people that helps you release stress, and its fun..." -Isatu Mansaray
"It's Probably one of the biggest, best families.We are all like really close and It's the closest thing to a second home." -Auracle F.
"It's a family you'll never forget, and never have anywhere else." -Katie R.

It's obvious that the WK Guard is more than a sport. It contributes to a warm, familial, school culture.

Winter guard

Colorguard actually covers two seasons, fall and winter. During the fall season they accompany the marching band during their competitions and halftime shows. During the winter, however, the winterguard has its solo moment. They perform and compete indoors, on a large tarp instead of the field, to their own soundtrack rather than the band. Kilbourne's guard competes as part of the Ohio Indoor Performance Association (OIPA) circuit, which covers most of the schools in Ohio as well as a couple independent groups. Click below to see more about them, and pictures of past performances

Last year's winter season was one of immense improvement. Both the Junior Varsity and the Varsity team was actually moved up a class to compete with higher level guards despite a large number of new members. That set them up for continuous success during the fall, winning distinguished awards, and recognition statewide. See the video of last years shows below...

2020 Shows

This year the team has visibly upped their game. With harder work, choreography, and meaning...

Here are the show themes for this season...

This past Sunday, both guard had their first performance of the season at Olentangy Liberty Highschool, where Varsity won second place, and JV won sixth! What an exciting start to the season. Be sure to come out and support your guard team in their future competitions...

  1. February 23 @ WKHS
  2. February 29 - March 1 Regionals
  3. March 15 @ Centerville HS
  4. March 22 @ WKHS
  5. March 28 @ Wapakoneta

Attending a guard show is an experience like no other. The stands erupt in cheer at every catch, leap, and trick. There are audible gasps in the audience as they marvel at the difficulty of some shows. Then, there are other moments of complete silence, where the performers have completely enthralled the crowed, an emotional connection forming between them the music and the people watching. Joint the fun, and support your peers at their next competition. Be sure to stay for the very end, when the upper level independent groups perform. You will be amazed at what color guard can look like.

Photos from Sunday

So next time you pass someone wearing the guard t-shirt in the hallway, or see them practicing, remember who they are, what they do, what they mean to each other, and the spirit they bring to Kilbourne.