Jewish Holocaust Jean Sanchez

My view of the holocaust hasn't really changed from everything that we've learned. Before I saw the holocaust as a horrible even in history that killed thousands of innocents just because one man didn't like that everyone wasn't like him in religion.

How many concentration camps were there during the Holocaust? There were too many concentration camps to have an accurate number. Each one of the concentration camps held over 6,000 Jews, and had about 500 soldiers.
Miep Gies, a Dutch lady that hid Anne frank and her family during the Holocaust. I picked her because I find it amazing that she was brave enough to hide Anne frank despite the fact that she could be shot just for living with a Jew. In my opinion if it weren't for the efforts and kindness of Miep Gies, Anne frank might not have lived to write her journal.
What has been happening in the Middle East is very similar to the Jewish Holocaust. They take innocent people and kill them because they are Christian, just like with th Jews.

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