Genre to Genre Ms. Daniels ESL Class

Standard 2: English language learners communicate information, ideas and concepts necessary for academic success in the content area of Language Arts

Level 5 Grade 10: Create original pieces that represent the use of a variety of genres and discourses

Objective: The student will be able to identify and then rewrite an excerpt from one genre type to another with 3/3 correct.


Where we've been: So far we have learned about the different types of Genres in literature. Non Fiction vs. Fiction Writing and some of the subcategories within them. Specifically within Non Fiction- Biographies, Memoirs, Essays, and Speeches. Specifically withing Fiction- Short Stories, Historical Fiction, Fables, and Legends.

Where we're going: We are going to look at examples of these writing types and determine what kind of writing genre they belong to.

Your Tasks

What you will do: First divide yourselves into groups of three. Once you have your group you will each select an excerpt from the list below and identify which genre it belongs to. Once you have identified the genre you will rewrite the excerpt into a new genre type. After the excerpt has been rewritten you and your group will need to create a presentation on the new excerpts that you have written (think PowerPoint but on a cloud online). The presentation will need to contain the original excerpt genre type and then the rewritten excerpt with the new genre type. Also your presentations should include ways that you can identify genre types.


In the first excerpt please rewrite starting with the first paragraph until the end of the third paragraph with the sentence, "Without was the Red Death."

In the second excerpt please rewrite starting with the seventeenth paragraph that starts with the sentence, "As a commander in chief Lincoln was soon noted for vigorous measures, sometimes at odds with the Constitution and often at odds with the ideas of his military commanders." And rewrite until the end of the excerpt.

In the third excerpt please rewrite the entire excerpt.

To start your collaborative work go to your Google Docs section and create a "Slides" Presentation. You can also use other online collaborative sites like Dropbox if you prefer.

Once you're done be sure to submit the google doc short survey! Its only a few questions here.


What's this Presentation like? Here's an example with the amount each part is worth!

Let's go over what is required again:

Teams of three. Each member will select one of the excerpts from the "resources" section and identify its genre type. The member will then rewrite the excerpt into a new genre type.

Get back together with your team and start putting the new excerpts together. Once you have put them together you and your team will need to find other examples of the new genre types and put them into your presentations.

Once you have added the other examples to your presentation also include clues as to how you can identify different genre types. This can involve context clues, writing styles, or writing format.

The last part of your assignment is to complete the Google Poll by answering the following questions. What was the hardest part of the assignment? What part of the project would you change? Did you feel like you learned more about genre types by completing this project?


If you have any questions feel free to ask! Questions are the way we learn.

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