Ernst & Young Building a Better Working World

Big 4 Public Accounting Firm

  • Assurace
  • Tax
  • Advisory
  • Transaction Advisory Services

History of EY

  • Alwin C. Ernst opens Ernst & Ernst (1903)
  • Arthur Young opens Arthur Young & Company (1906)
  • Ernst & Ernst allies with Whinney Smith & Whinney (1924)
  • Arthur Young & Co. allies with Broads Paterson & Co. (1924)
  • The two companies, now known as Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young, merge to form Ernst & Young (1989)

Growth By The Numbers

  • Growth across all four service lines
  • Growth across all four regions
  • Growth in headcount
  • Most attractive professional services employer
  • High community contributions

Vision 2020

3 key pillars of EY's vision for the future (implemented in 2013)

  • Winning the market
  • High performing teams
  • Strengthen global, empower local

Why EY is for me

  • Founders' views of growth and opportunity are still prevalent in the company
  • Company is growing rapidly in every service line and region of the world
  • Vision for the future (Vision 2020) has proved successful and has set a proper guide for the company going forward
  • Many UF Alumni
  • Great opportunities to help local communities

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