I am a Survivor Story By: Jordan Baumgartner

The story goes like this: I remember the telephone pole coming toward me. I remember the fire. I don't know where I am.

As I open my eyes, I see a window and a poster that says get well soon. “Mom?!” I shout. A nurse rushes in and says, “Kaitlyn, what’s wrong? Can you hear me? Are you in pain?” “Yes,” I sob, “where is my mom?” “Honey, your parents are in the waiting room,” said the nurse. “They are not allowed to come into your room right now.” “Why?!” I screamed! “I’m so scared and I hurt so bad! Who are you?!” “Kaitlyn, it’s ok,” said the nurse. “My name is Lisa, and I am going to get some medicine to help take the pain away. The doctor should be here soon to talk with your mom and then she will be able to see you.”

I looked around the room through the tears in my eyes. It was bright white, and there were lights everywhere. IV poles were on both sides of my bed, and there were monitors above me. I was lying in bed, my body covered in white sheets. I took a deep breath to try to relax, and all I could smell was burned flesh. I tried to move my arms to lift the sheets to look at my legs and a searing pain came over me. I screamed hysterically as the pain was unbearable. The nurse and doctor rushed to my bedside. A tall man stood beside me and said, “Kaitlyn, please don’t try to move right now. We have some medicine for you to help you relax. You were badly injured in an accident and we are trying to help you. Please try to calm down and let the medicine work.”

“Kaitlyn, you were badly burned in the accident,” said Dr. Murray. “You are going to need surgery to your legs if you want to have a chance to walk again.” “What do you mean?” I screamed at Dr. Murray. I closed my eyes and cried. I am 13 years old!! How am I supposed to hang out and do things with my friends? I play softball and volleyball! Don’t they know that I have to be able to walk and run?! My sadness and confusion quickly turned to anger.

Kaitlyn undergoes surgery to her legs and has physical therapy 4 times a day. In the end, she ends up being able to walk with determination, and time.

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