Forum of Alabama Businesswomen 2018 Newsletter, Volume II

The Purpose of this Newsletter

One of the goals of the Women’s Initiatives at Maynard Cooper is to support and celebrate women's accomplishments throughout the year. Through this newsletter, we will provide updates on the activities, honors and initiatives of the women at Maynard Cooper, and we hope that you will find inspiration in their stories and practical advice to further your own goals from the experts we engage for coaching.

FAB Fall Networking Event

The FAB Fall Networking Event was electric! The Founders of Mixtroz, Ashlee Ammons & Kerry Schrader, shared their inspirational story of unlikely but undaunted success in the male-dominated tech startup space, and then led the group in an evening of fun, meaningful networking using their app, Mixtroz. Mixtroz provides a unique networking approach that helps provide intentional connections among attendees during events. You can learn more about Ashlee & Kerry's inspiring story here.

Networking Tips from the Experts

Throughout the year, Maynard Cooper’s FAB events bring in successful women from varied industries for panel discussions and coaching sessions on the challenges and opportunities faced by women in today’s business environment. Here a few inspiring highlights on this year’s theme of networking:

  • "Relationships are key! It is important to be authentic when building your networks. One of the tips I would give when building a diverse and vast network would be to serve others before asking for anything on the front end. I think it is refreshing when people are willing to give of themselves to promote someone else. It makes me more likely to think of them when it comes to projects." - Mashonda Taylor, Chief Community Relations Officer, Woodlawn Foundation
  • "Networking is not about meeting people, it’s about achieving better outcomes faster, and helping others reach their goals faster, too. That means having your goals set, knowing who can help you reach them, being intentional about meeting new people and sharing your goals, and connecting others when they share their goals with you." - April Benetollo, CEO, Momentum
  • “If you attend most of your events with friends or colleagues, you’re doing it wrong. An event is an environment for spontaneous collision; to set yourself up for maximum success try attending alone and striking up a conversation with someone you don’t know. A compliment can always kick off a conversation, and be prepared to listen; let that person tell you their story and jump in where you see an opportunity for synergy, be it in work or play.” - Ashlee Ammons, Co-Founder/COO, Mixtroz

Women in Public Finance

Maynard Cooper is proud to announce that public finance attorneys Alina Arbuthnot and Ann Todd co-founded the Alabama Chapter of Women in Public Finance in April of this year. The newly-formed Alabama chapter is part of a national professional networking organization that seeks to advance women’s leadership opportunities in the public finance industry by fostering relationships and providing educational activities. Participants in the organization include state and local government issuers, not-for-profit issuers, investment bankers, attorneys, financial advisors, rating agency analysts, bond insurers and trust officers, among others. Ann and Alina currently serve as board members and officers of the Alabama Chapter of WPF, and Maynard Cooper attorneys Katy Ottensmeyer, Kathy Collier and Terrie Percy are also members. The Alabama Chapter of WPF has already hosted several informational and networking events across the state, and Alina recently represented the local chapter at the organization’s national conference. The officers are excited to build on this momentum with upcoming continuing education panel discussions in Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery and Mobile at which Sarah Glover and Michal Crowder of Maynard Cooper's cybersecurity practice will present. Maynard Cooper is proud to be a founding sponsor of WPF and looks forward to hosting educational events for the organization in multiple firm offices this October. For more information, please email alabamawpf@gmail.com and follow us on Instagram and Twitter @alabamawpf.

Attorney Spotlight

Allison Taylor | Shareholder | Birmingham

What types of clients do you represent?

I primarily represent closely-held businesses, including family-owned businesses, and their owners.

What type of matters do you work on most often?

Much of my practice centers around where business considerations intersect with personal goals. Examples include business succession planning, structuring and governance for closely-held businesses, and estate planning for business owners. I also do a fair amount of general counsel services work, including contracts and contract systems, risk management and strategic advice.

What previous experiences, prior to your work at Maynard, influence your practice?

The greatest influence on my practice is that each of my parents owned their own business for most of my life. Although much later in my career, my experience as general counsel is now also a great influence on my practice.

What do you find most exciting about your work?

Getting to know lots of very interesting people and learning about their businesses.

What do you see on the horizon in your area of practice/trend in your industry?

The projected amount of transition of ownership and leadership of closely-held and family-owned businesses over the next 20 years is enormous. I hope to assist in easing that transition and achieving clients’ goals as often as possible. The federal tax legislation passed in December 2017 will also have a tremendous impact for many years to come.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

Break a sweat, explore the great outdoors or soak in some live music.

How do you like to network with others?

I prefer one-on-one networking for continuing to develop existing relationships, while events are ideal for meeting new people.

How are you involved in your community?

I currently serve on the Board of Directors of Hoover Soccer Club and serve as manager for my daughter’s team. I also volunteer at my children’s school as often as possible.

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