Kingdoms Skylar and fernanda

Archaebacteria: Extremophill, Prokaryote, unicellular, hererotroph, autotroph, sessile,

Eubacteria: Prokaryote, unicellular, heterotrophs, autotroph, sessile,

Protista: Eukaryote, unicellular, heterotroph, autotroph, sessile.

Fungi: Eukaryote, unicellular, heterotroph, sessile

Plantae: Eukaryote, multicellular, autotroph sessile

Animalia: Eukaryote, Multicellular, Hetertroph, Sessile


Created with images by GidonPico - "water up ground" • NIAID - "E. coli Bacteria" • James St. John - "Dendrogyra cylindrus (pillar coral) (San Salvador Island, Bahamas) 1" • Tim Green aka atoach - "Fungus" • Andrewkim - "lotus nature plants" • pocketwiley - "Eva & River (Animal Ark Rescue)"

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