Smiling Sea Otters By Audrey Muller

Why are sea otters the ocean's cutest creatures?

Did you know that sea otters are a keystone species? This means that their impact on the environment holds a lot more importance than many other species. Sea otters eat smaller sea life that eat kelp. If those smaller species were to overpopulate, the kelp along many shore would be gone, leaving many other sea creatures without homes.

Sea otters spend the majority of their life in the water. They live in coastal waters off of the northern Pacific. They can dive up to 330 feet!!! They are also one of the only mammals to use tools! Sea otters will use rocks and other hard objects to hammer open shellfish and to pry small sea creatures from rocks.

Sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don't drift apart from each other <3
Created By
Audrey Muller


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