Out of service : Amar Gupta On Display at AARC - Fall 2021

About the Art

On March 17, 2020, in an attempt to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Austin-area bars, music venues, and dine-in restaurants were closed. Service industry workers and performing artists have been stuck in limbo ever since— seemingly with no end in sight to when their workplaces will ever reopen. Amar Gupta’s photography captures this moment in the lives of workers who are the lifeblood of small businesses in Central Texas. This series examines the experiences of those affected by the local and national response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Left Image: "The Skylark Lounge" Courtesy of Amar Gupta

Above Images: Courtesy of Amar Gupta: Rosalie Roppolo’s; Pizzeria; Devin Gaffney, 29, Bartender at The Skylark Lounge; Haylie Raymond, 34, Bartender at The Skylark Lounge; Josh Ortiz & His Three Dogs, 28, Expo at Arlo Grey; Jasta Alicie, 26, Bartender at Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches; Jevelle Wiltz & His Family, 31, Bartender at The W; Kelsey LeBlanc, 26, Bartender at Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches; Rudy Durham, 33; Barista at Batch Craft Beer & Kolaches;Zack Snyder, 33; Security at The Skylark Lounge; Royce Nephew, 29, Bar-back at Back Lot; Callan Muckleroy, 30, Server and Community Commander at Snooze an A.M. Eatery; Eric Butler, 28, Bar-back at Vulcan Gas Company; Mario Villareal, 28; Bartender at Two Bucks; Boarded Downtown.

About the Artist

Amar Gupta works primarily in greyscale, large format photography, and also runs a skateboarding company called EVRYNG. He seeks abstract connections in his photography. He is interested in the way that collections of colors, lines, shapes and forms tell a story that cannot be conveyed by words.

Gupta’s photography studio is at Contracommon in Bee Cave, Texas. He frequently travels around the state to conduct photoshoots on location.

To learn more visit: www.amaragupta.com

Right Image: Courtesy of Amar Gupta

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Images Courtesy of Amar Gupta