Me , Myself and I haiqal.jr

hi , im haiqal . i am a person who loves to ride bikes and watch Ultimate Fighting Championship known as UFC when i got nothing to do .

as you can see above , Conor McGregor ( in green trunks ) is my favourite fighter . He has been very inspirational to me when it comes to his fight as i can observe how he fight and can adapt into real life .

Cycling .

I like to ride bikes and i like to ride bikes . Bikes for me is like my own girlfriend , which her name is called Nicki . I can do whatever things that is appropriate or inappropriate to her whenever i feel bored .

Food .

My favourite food is Fish and Chips . The reason why is because the taste of it is really nice and the fish is crispy . The chips is well fried , put normal amount of salt to it for its taste .

Cycling trick .

As i said above , i said i can do something inappropriate . For me , this trick called wheelie is inappropriate because it is not safe . I suggest you cyclist to stay home study then doing wheelie .

Study .

I gave up on studies as i cant even pass mathematic when i did listen attentively in class . Students brains don't function well in the morning , but function well if school starts a bit later .

bye .


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