IUF Performance Quincy Lenton

As I entered the building, I seen all these happy and polite people, and that made me feel welcomed. I sat in the back corner of the theater which was comfortable for me, and this made it easier to observe the performance. As the light dimmed and the audience got quiet, I was eager to see how the play would begin. The size of the auditorium was not too big, so the view was acceptable wherever you were seated. The size of the auditorium also made it easy to hear. A good place in life plays a huge role on the start of having a "Good Life". The setting is basically the foundation for the experience.

I had a wonderful time watching the play with my friends. We met up at the Reitz Union 30 minutes before the play started to make sure nobody was late. Having my friends next to me at the play made things a little more comfortable. I was more relaxed knowing that i had my friends right next to me during the play. I think different experiences are important for the Good Life. People can see or experience the same thing but have a different point of view about the situation. This allows you all to come together to expand or receive the maximum information for one general idea.

I was able to reflect on my culture compared to what took place in the time period of the play was. The differences I noticed in the play compared to now is the way they dressed and the lack of electronics. The issue that was in the play was the conflict between church and theater. Another main issue in the play was the difference between poverty and wealth. The two male main characters each came from this background and was part of the story line in dealing with situations. I did not know anything this play before I saw it. I share different beliefs than the play because people should have the right to express their opinions and not be punished. I do not think that there is anything relating to me about this subject.

This play allowed me to think about my life and other people's perception of me. The priest did not allow Sarah to perform her views and this made me reflect on being judged for a person's actions. I feel that I am a honest person, but I get nervous on being judged for what I say and what I do.

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