Hello This is a presentation to encourage a geographically and technologically challenged coming of age team to a organise a MUTUALLY challenged adventure


look at her, poor kid, she needs a break

the brief/notes of importance:

  • prioritise an economical budget
  • 8-10 day expedition
  • accommodate for all needs - beach, city, history, shopping, beauty

izazov prihvaćen!

(that's challenge accepted in Croatian x )



  • cheap flights (£65 accessed on saturday 25/3/17)
  • good place to start geographically - very southern...the only way is...(up)
  • baroque art is cool
  • so much culture
  • recent history GALORE
  • did I mention there's a lot of educational stuff?


airbnb apartments don't look tooooo exciting but they do look afforadable

the link below should lead to 'City Walls' hostel? We can't cook but it looks colourful and homely. There are also 4 bed dorms which could be good? however with two snorers in the room the nights could get long eh Ellis...?

DID U KNO? second largest city innit


  • a good different from Dubrovnik? --> "thoroughly lived-in aspect of Split that means it will never be a fantasy land like Dubrovnik" (lonely planet)
  • bit more of that history goodness
  • walking (either to or away from the history)
  • coastal
  • bit o funky nightlife (pls don't be fooled -or tempted- by the mass opportunities of bar crawls)
  • THERE'S A FOOD MARKET everyone loves a food market


hostels are looking plentiful and interesting to the eye and budget

I have a feeling that the hostel linked below is actually called 'sweet & cheap' but hey, £25 dorm room?


£65 ish back to Gatwick (accessed 25/3/17)

Ok so i've only picked two cities here for many reasons I believe could be quite valid:

  • not many cities in Croatia do direct flights to gatwick
  • it would decrease our budget - less transport, less hostel booking, more time to bulk buy etc
  • if we settled for a few days it would mean we could get a grip of the place and feel like we live there being suave summer croatian babies
  • less organisation lol
  • more chance for late nights/late mornings more hangovers
whatever we'll do....it'll be a whale of a time...

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