Ivory coast created by Oliver Caparrelli 6th hour

Ivory coast is located in africa and is known for its cocoa beans.

Al-Qaeda just attacked. There was a shooting in a hotel 16 dead.

Ivory coast Culture and education

Being 15 in Ivory Coast is fun and exciting

yet hard, because of the way they live

and how the father lives in a different house from the mother.

Its very hard for Kids in Ivory coast because most kids between the age of 6 and 10 don't get and education (wikipedia)

Families in the Ivory coast are very different from ours. In steamboat we live with our families and don't even think about it. In the Ivory coast they live by having the father and mother in different houses. In Senufo the mother wife has a hard life because she lives by herself. Being a fifteen year old would be hard because you don´t live with both your parents.

The man lives in a rectangle shaped house while the women -wives live in round ones. -(Countries and their Culture)

This would be hard especially for the women because they do not have the support of the men. The kids especially the 15 year old would make his life hard because either way they don´t get the support of one of their parents.

Education in the Ivory coast is very different from our education in Steamboat. We get to get a education 5 days out of the week while most kids in the Ivory Coast between the age of 6 and 10 are not enrolled in school.

Only 48.7% of the population was literate in 2000. (60.8% of males and 38.6% of females)-(Wikipedia)

Most kids and even adults won't have as many opportunities when they grow up because they did not get an education when they were growing up.

Ivory Coast is very different in the way they do things and how they live compared to us and how we live in steamboat. We are so lucky that we have family to go home to every night and get to go to school 5 days out of the week.

Recognizing emotions on different cultures especially not in America is very different and not something get to do everyday. I now realize the how different and harder different countries are in the way they live everyday.

Political leaders used religious differences in Ivory Coast to stroke divisions through communities who had previously lived together peacefully.(our africa people + culture) There are 5 major ethnic groups in this country. This could be hard for the different groups because no matter what group you are in you are being judged for what you believe in (10 facts about Ivory Coast)

By recognizing this emotion I realize how lucky I am to have a family I get to go home to and 5 days out of the week I get a education.

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