Leader Advancement Scholar 2020 Cohort Welcome Page

This August, you will begin your journey as Central Michigan University's 2020 Leader Advancement Scholar Cohort! This exciting opportunity will provide you with experiences to build your leadership style, develop valuable skills, and join a community filled with students looking to be the leaders of today and tomorrow. We've specifically designed this page to acclimate you to some of the unique perspectives of being a Leader Advancement Scholar. Fire Up!

Welcome Video from Jesi

In this short video Jesi Ekonen welcomes you to the Sarah R. Opperman Leadership Institute team, answers some of your questions, and provides some clarification about the upcoming year. As always, she is available to answer your questions via e-mail at Parke4jl@cmich.edu. Welcome LAS 2020!

"You make so many great connections with amazing people. Personal growth and the creation of lifelong friendships are inevitable." - Kyle Walker, 2019

Meet your LAS Team

This short video will introduce you to the Leader Advancement Scholar Support Team. While everyone in the Leadership Institute is here to support your success, these individuals will serve as your instructors, advisors, and are skilled in addressing the unique needs of Leader Advancement Scholars.

"You not only make amazing friends but the support given by the staff and older students is irreplaceable. They are always willing to listen, help, and guide you through your time at CMU." - Emily Holmes, 2017

LAS Protocol

The LAS Academic Protocol is designed to compliment any academic program at CMU. LAS Students are not required to sign the Leadership Studies Minor, however, many LAS Protocol courses overlap with the minor and with specific advising most students only need to take one additional course to receive the minor. LAS courses with an * also count toward the Leadership Studies minor.

Let's look at a few reminders:

  • When you are registering for LAS courses you need to take the L section, for example COM 267L, not COM 267.
  • LAS Core Courses should be completed before you reach 56 credit hours: LDR 100 (fall year one), LDR 200L (spring year one), CGL 145L and COM 267L.
  • Try not to worry - we will further explain LAS Protocol in LDR 100 this fall and provide helpful academic planning resources.

What are my LAS courses?

LDR 100: Intro to Leadership Education*

CGL 145L: Racism/Discrimination* Dialogue

LDR 200L: Intro to Leadership Theory*

COM 267L: Intro to Debate*

Elective Group One: Complete at least 3 credits of the following L coursework that satisfies University Program and/or Writing Intensive requirement before 56 credit hours.

  • PHL 118L: Moral Problems*
  • PAD 211L WI: Intro to Nonprofit Leadership
  • HST 120L WI: Unlikely Princesses: Woman of World History
  • PSY 100: Intro to Psychology (PSY 100L not offered Fall 2020)*

Elective Group Two: Complete at least an additional 6 credits of approved coursework before graduation from CMU; defined as LDR courses, L-designated courses, or with the approval of the LAS Director.

  • LDR 302: Field Experience in Leadership*
  • COM 461L: Leadership & Communication*
  • LDR 499L: Contemporary Issues in Leadership*
  • CGL 445: Intergroup Dialogue Facilitation (application required)
  • CGL 302: Cultural & Global Studies Internship (application required)

We will further explain LAS Protocol in LDR 100 this fall and provide helpful academic planning resources. * indicates course also counts for Leadership Studies Minor.

"The LAS program has a foundation of people to take classes with and have support through the whole college experience..." -Andrea Taratuta, 2018

What are my first year experiences?

  • Involvement in one student organization
  • Attendance at one multicultural event each semester
  • Participation in one LI leadership seminar or workshop
  • Involved in community service or volunteer activity (30 hours annually)
  • Document your experience through an eportfolio

As Jesi said, don't worry about these requirements as we"ll adapt these to fit within Covid-19 protocols. We'll discuss each requirement more in LDR 100 and will be flexible as we know things may look a little different this fall.

"You are surrounded by so many inspiring people who push you to learn more about yourself and how you can positively impact CMU and the world." - Kaylee Marcero, 2019

Leadership Institute Locations

Located in Powers Hall and the Bovee University Center, this video will give you a glimpse into the locations where you can connect with Leadership Institute staff.

"Use your stance as a LAS scholar to promote change on levels across campus." - Claire Rutkoske, 2019

Alumni Advice

"Go forward in new adventures with an open heart and mind. You never know who will end up being a major influence to you or what path you will choose to take. Most likely everything you think college is will be different, but in a great way." - Breana Jackson, Executive Director at Legus International

Explore Important Resources

For more information or to connect with Leadership Institute staff, visit cmich.edu/leadership.