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Sea Otters are marine mammals. They are usually a shade of brown. They can be as tall as 3-7.8 feet. Sea otters can weigh anywhere from 11-95 lb. These animals have webbed feet, claws, whiskers and very dense fur. They ae related to ermines, ferets, grisons, martins, minks, polecats, tayras, wasles, ad wolverines.

Sea otter

An otter eats only meat. They are carnivores. They eat fish, crayfish, crabs, snails, frogs, sea urchins, clams, mussels, small birds,and rodents. When sea otters eat, catch and eat prey with their fore paws. They eat in the water, on their back, with food on their chest.

Sea otter eating starfish

Sea otters live on coasts or kelp forests, not in Antarctica or Australia. It needs to be in coastal areas to catch food and escape predators. Sea otters live in kelp forests and sometimes old beaver dens. Sea otters live with others. A group of sea otters is called a raft.

Kelp Forest

Sea otters have 850,000-1 million hairs every square inch. They also have webbed toes, long whiskers, and they use refraction. They also have smaller tails than river otters.

The things that eat a sea otter includes bobcats, alligators, eagles, coyotes, crocodiles, sea lions, sharks, and killer whales. Sea otters protect themselves by hiding in the beaver den, escaping to dry land and hiding in kelp. They also swim away, and they use their front teeth.

Beaver Den

Some other things you might not know include sea otters groom themselves 4-6 hours a day and they are the most intelligent animals on Earth! An otter can dive as deep as 300 feet, a sea otter has 34-36 teeth, Japanese river otters became extinct in 2012, also otters break clam shells by banging them on rocks.

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