*Magic City* As magic as we make it!

We are no different from one another. A label is a label remove the labels we are all the same. You can name a million different plants. At the end of the day they are all green and are all plants. Growing up from the same earth. Mine as well have saved yourself the trouble. Individualization is great! Just don't forget the source is the same. The point is not to be like one particular person. The only person you should be is yourself! You should have the opportunity however to learn the truth. Live in a true world and find your true self!

Eye Deserve to see love. . .
Lips of an angel.
Beauty and the Beast.
Nothing is as beautiful as you, Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The universe is that beholder. The universe is beautiful. The universe is you!
All the lights are bright and beautiful..You are those lights..

This is not just a Human world. We have a great responsibility to care for each other and everything. Especially animals who lack the ability to help themselves in this human world. Lets help them as a family. They are just as important and completely innocent.

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