The Ultimate Cheat Sheet For Beginning Writers

Thinking of writing a book?

Or maybe you've started...but are overwhelmed with the process?

This free resource is for you!

I'm Dalene Bickel

I've written and self-published seven nonfiction books, co-authored three more, and have edited a plethora of manuscripts in my 20+ years in the book industry.

I understand the challenges that writers face.

In this resource, I share tips and processes that have worked for me...and will help you as well.

Don't let the name fool you. The Ultimate Cheat Sheet isn't a way to avoid the time and effort required to write a quality book.

The Cheat Sheet IS, however, a compilation of proven best practices that will help you

  • Avoid overwhelm,
  • Gain clarity,
  • Write consistently and
  • Ultimately complete the book you've dreamed of writing!

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Dalene Bickel


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