Terra Basic Training content

The basic training is the first step in joining the Terra Consulting Community. We work on three levels mainly: fundamentals of sustainability, the translation of these fundamentals into a sustainability management approach, and Smart Terra Solutions tools, which, accompanied by consulting processes, will support the operational implementation in the company.

The Basic training is an essential step in acquiring knowledge, skills and tools, but also in starting a path of development and transformation that will enable you to authentically and competently make sustainability available to the companies you work with.

Fundamentals of sustainability

  • Kick-off and in-depth look at the foundations of sustainability
  • Systemic thinking and natural systems model
  • Social basis and planetary boundaries
  • SDGs and the Green Deal
  • Transformation mechanisms, the role of change agents and my role as Consultant

Sustainability management

  • • Climate change, CO2 and CO2 footprint part 1 and 2
  • • Materiality analysis as a strategic tool
  • • Sustainability reporting

STS tools and consulting processes

  • STS tool: CO2 footprint and reduction - company and product level
  • STS tool: Online materiality analysis
  • STS tool: Sustainability reporting and CSR Hub