A Love Story About a Girl one of Forbidden love

Once upon a time there lived a young girl in a far away place.

People called her Princess Bananika

She was a happy girl that thought she was living life to the fullest

however one day that all changed...
Her magical fairy Grandmother appeared

On that day, PRINCESS BANANIKA's mother was away

You see her mother was very strict and forbade her from eating sweets

So the fairy Grandmother thought it WAS time for all this to change

She took her to an ice cream parlour

and the little princess' life was changed forever

Princess Bananika tasted love for the first time

It was a love like no other

Why would her mother keep her from such joy?

The fairy Grandmother didn't stop there

Princess Bananika Tasted Vanilla Flavour and continued to make her way through all the others

The behaviour was spinning out of control

The queen mother tried to push back with vegetables

But Princess Bananika only pushed back harder

She Grew Hangry

The queen mother decided it was best to pick her battles, for she knew that Princess Bananika would someday ask to shave her legs and start wearing makeup

...And the queen mother would be ready for her...


Created By
Diane Sabourin

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