Spring Break 2017 Scottsdale, Arizona

When I went to Scottsdale, we did a few really fun things, one of those being white water rafting. It was only class 1 rafting so it wasn't too intense, but it was so fun and we saw a bald eagle in a tree while the river was relatively calm so we got a good look at it.

My dad and I also went to the national championship in Phoenix. It was so much fun! The energy from the crowd and the players was crazy! I was pulling hard for Gonzaga to win and I hate UNC with a passion, so I sad when they didn't win but it was a really fun experience and I was really glad I got to go and enjoy that! :)

We also climbed camelback mountain! We went out early one morning with a guide and started up. It was really hot climbing up, but we had lots of water so we were good. My mom and dad stopped almost halfway up, but my sister and I went all the way up! The view was INCREDIBLE!


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