MCOM2400 Projects Katie Day

The first project of our Multimedia class was our blogs. This started the class and we kept up with it all semester.My blog was titled Adulting Unscripted, in which I posted lots of different ideas that a young adult would have about becoming a grown adult. My first blog topic was called Sassy Southern Sports, which was a sports blog, that was changed into adulting unscripted. All posts are viewable in the link below.

This project was very interesting to record and research. I learned a lot on the media and how it can be biased and very political. My podcast is above, and I urge you to listen and do your own research. This is a sensitive topic in today's society, and I believe it's something everyone should be aware of. 

The next project shared is the Photo Story Project. My partner and I went to a baseball game here at ETSU against Oakland. We captured some of the moments and made a story out of it our time there. The link is below.

One of the most fun projects, in my opinion, was our newsletter and magazine spread. We used published stories of ETSU's communications department, and made our own spread on it. I loved being able to design the spread and make it look how I like. The finished products can be seen below:

My video project was a couple of cooking tutorials. We had creative freedom do to what we chose, and with my project, I wanted to go the happy and uplifting, silly route.

Throughout the semester, I really enjoyed taking Multimedia Production. It was challenging at times, but I learned new skills in Adobe and sharpened some of my old design skills. My favorite programs to use were Adobe Spark, InDesign, and PremierPro. I look forward to getting better at Photoshop, Muse and learning more on PremierPro in the rest of my undergrad into graduate career. I love the freedom Adobe gives us to be creative, I will, no doubt, be using the Adobe programs in my professional career.


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