A Girl's Journey by: abigail young

Artist Statement

Have you ever been lost? Well knowing us humans we all get lost sometimes… we fall down paths that seem to have no end. No incline to our lives… we may feel like nothing is changing. We all cope with this in many ways, so many that its to hard to explain in this tiny statement. But I can show you how this one girl changes how she viewed the world with a little imagination.

If you were given a portal to anywhere, where would you go? Would you go to space? Would you go to the depths of the sea? What would you do to escape the normal world?

Follow Pandora as she tries to escape this world. She will travel through different worlds becoming different creatures and seeing different things.

By using the techniques we learned in class. Such as diagonal lines and depth perception I will compose a story. I hope you enjoy… A girl’s journey.

Cover Art ^
I want something... New.

Leading Lines ^

Something with color...

Color Psychology ^ (Green)


Open Image ^


Framing ^

Lets look for something different.

Small scale ^

Even if its hard to see

Eye Line

We could fly to it...


If we spread our wings.

Curved lines

Our world may be simple...

Minimalism ^

But if we imagine other ones.

Vertical Lines ^

We could go anywhere

Rhythm ^

Fill The Frame ^

Detail ^

and be anything.

Leading Lines ^

Portrait ^

We can go anywhere...

Pattern ^

Rule of thirds ^

Even if its hard to see.

Black & White ^

The End!


Hi, my name is Abigail Rose Young, or just Abby. I was born at the hospital across the street on June, 27, 2002 , so currently I'm a fourteen year old girl living in Vancouver, Washington. So nothing exciting. But if you would like to know. Im not the most intelligent person out there but I would be cool to be. In middle school I was on honor roll for three years; and I always tried to take the harder route knowing I could learn from it. Also I'm a girl who loves to dance and draw but more importantly I'm a photographer, I've always wanted to be one for a long time, so I strive to improve my photos and learn from my old ones. This semester I was in a photography class that taught me a lot more than I thought it would. My whole life I've been wanting something more than what I have. So I always would take opportunities that were offered to me.

That's me! ^

One of my greatest opportunities was when I was offered a chance to apply for a newer school called HeLa...

When I was in eighth grade I was asked if I would like to apply to HeLa. I was told all about the new school and how I could probably do really well at that school , so that night I convinced my parents to let me apply. I was so excited! A lot more of my friends and I were hoping that we would all make it in. Every day the anticipation got worse and I didn't want to wait anymore.

A couple weeks later I got the acceptance letter… for a long time the letter just sat on my counter. I was too scared to open it because I didn't want to be disappointed. It took a lot of guts to open that letter… actually I just ended up asking asking my mom because my mom was done waiting for me to suck it up. Lol. Well I got accepted. Leading to this autobiography that i’m writing for my final.

So far I've been loving my time at HeLa and how this place has made me more mature and smart. I’m so happy and I can't wait to find more opportunities like this one. Also to be able to grow as a person and show what I can do.

Created By
Abigail Young

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