Final Portfolio Anna Albrekht

You never get a second chance to make a first impression

The way how we present our work tells a lot about our personality: how organized we are, what we want to be, how much we want to tell...

It appeared to be that every padding matters, and can illustrate one's main strengths and weeknesses.

Good portfolio may help to find a job, receive publishing offer, or just make new friends. It's important to update it, and keep only best projects.

It's not about quantity, it's more about quality. Six amazing project will work much better than twelve average.

So What have changed?

First of all more attention was paid to white space and functionality. Only key elements left. Now design looks more light and bright. And each content group stands out more.

For a better content organization project's filter was added.

Only personal images are hosted on the website. Photo or a piece of process work of each project added to the header.

Project's descriptions were thoroughly revised. More process work added, personas removed as it's not representative enought.

Who is the winner?

I picked two real projects (Master Gor Website and Sakura Kiss Branding) to show that I have experience working with clients, and one best college project (Howdy) in the most desirable work field.

I put a lot of time and effort in these projects. Master Gor Website was the most stressful one as it was my first coding from a scratch experience. Sakura Kiss Business Cards has its printing specifications, and Howdy Chat App has the best prototype in my portfolio.

Howdy Chat App

Howdy had a great amount of process work and there were no clear understanding how to present in the best way. We live in a busy world there is no time for reading three pages of project's descriptions, so I only core components and live prototype were left to make a better impression.

Master Gor Foundry Website

Master Gor Website received more description. Previously it was all about the images. Examples of vector illustrations I did for the project were included to show more skills.

Sakura Kiss Business Cards

Now business cards are presented in a new way. At the beginning I wanted to show just layout without any perspective distortion but later it was decided to present the real product. Also, logotype's loose versions and character design sketches were added.

Personal thoughts...

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