J McIntyre One point Perspective

I think that it was unsuccessful because the balance was not right and uneven. The buildings didn't have movement to them and the lines didn't meet up with the vanishing point.

I think it was a successful drawing because, each building has great value to them with dark and light colors such as, brown, yellow, purple, and black. Also, I like the form of buildings, because they have a perfect cube & rectangular shapes.

To be honest, I really didn't know much about Impressionist painters and pointillism. I learned a lot of techniques, the first technique that I learned was drawing buildings with horizontal and vertical lines. Pointillism is a painting technique with small dots of colors in patterns to make an image. I had to make a mixture of colors such as, red, orange, yellow, and green. They created a new way to make something standing out in a painting with different colors.

Blue Dancers, Created in 1899.

This was painted by Edger Degas, what he was trying to accomplish in was a group of ballet dancers stand out in the painting. The texture in this painting is beautiful. There lots of different shades of blue, It goes from a light blue to a dark blue color. The yellow bows on the ballets head really stand out, it gives the painting great value.

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Joshua McIntyre

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